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Basketball is easily a favorite national pastime. A game of integrity and inclusiveness, basketball is endorsed by one of the most accomplished sporting bodies in history, the National Basketball Association (NBA). In the face of changing sports betting legislation, the NBA has lent its conditional support for basketball betting. We are here to elaborate on the existing markets and help you chart a course for the future amid the rapid changes that promise to perforate the legal landscape.

Picking the Best Basketball Betting Bookmaker in the United States

It’s certainly not an easy task, selecting the most reliable bookmaker with a proven track record and good repute. Now, for the most part, that is because of the fact that bookies do not, in fact, operate on the territory of the United States. Instead, you get offshore-based ones who only accept US customers, such as Bovada. Mainstream operators, while eager to enter the market, have more at stake as they want to comply with all existing gambling regulations. runs a series of basketball betting offers which catch the customer’s attention from the very moment he enters the website.

Still, there are quite a handful of respectable operators whom we endorse because they don’t abuse their status of an offshore company and provide customers with a fair few options. While operators are in business to make money, the ones we have examined and hold to be genuine are giving you a fair chance of clawing your money back, with a solid upmark. How do we rank our the likes of and Bovada?

Our Criteria for the best Basketball Betting Bookmakes

  • Reputation – Because offshore operators do not have licenses, for the most part, their reputation is key here. Has a casino cheated its customers on any occasion? How quick are money cashed out upon your request? Have there been any complaints and how has the handle handled those? We have gone through all of these to make sure that there is no foul play afoot.
  • Online reviews – Collating information online about a bookmaker can be daunting. There is so much to take in. However, you will quickly find out that it’s also essential. You can trust our judgment because we have carefully sifted through all the accolades and lambasting to come up with a balanced overview of the operator you are now considering to open an account with.
  • Cashing out – How quickly our money going to arrive in your account? Have there been cases of users who have been denied the opportunity to cash out? In any event, you will want to make sure that an operator is prepared to give you what it owes you upon request. Any sort of dilly-dallying may come across as the fraudulent stalling, which is definitely not a point in the operator’s favor. We make sure to leave these types of companies out of our list.
  • Customer support – Because there are no third-party auditors, in most cases, nor licenses, it is mandatory that a bookmaker you pick have a customer support that is available. Now, not all offshore bookmakers will run their 24/7 call centres, for example, and you will have to rely on work-hours contacts as well as e-mail and live chat.

Basketball Betting Sites – A Promotional Welcome!

Most respectable parties would not easily shun advertising their juicy offers to you. This is the case with Bovada and who run exceptional offers. They, of course, change. Currently, Bovada has replaced its basketball welcome offer with one featuring soccer, in light of the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup. However, doesn’t let the side down and have us all covered.

Whatever offer you may get, it will be divvied up between newbie bonuses and standard promotions. You may run into seasonal or daily specials, which are also not to be snubbed. Nevertheless, you must read through the terms and conditions of every offer. These are binding legal conditions that must be fulfilled if you expect to withdraw your funds. Failing to comply with the wagering requirements would devoid the bonus of its value.

Basketball Live Betting Action!

Another popular feature is the in-play or live betting option. It’s a fast-paced sort of wagering, which will require from you to be well-versed with key metrics such as odds, players and generally have an idea who the top teams are. Without going too much into detail, good bookmakers will also offer to cover this segment of the betting industry.

Can You Bet Legally on Basketball in the US?

The fact of the matter is that this is not a simple yes-no question. Technically, sports betting is still illegal. However, with the PASPA repeal, it’s now legal for US States to run their own legal sports betting industries, if they so desire.

As to yourself, no State government or law enforcement will ever persecute you for having participated in what an online bookmaker has to offer. However, if the local laws do not explicitly state that you can run an online bookmaker, and choose to do so, then you will bear the full legal brunt of the fallout.  With this in mind, you are still quite capable of carrying out bets and things look promising.

It’s very likely that if given an opportunity, the offshore bookmakers will move inland, and if you have stuck with the top ones, that’s even better as you will have a head start.

NBA Basketball Betting – A Final Thought

As a better, you may be even more excited to find out that the NBA has given its conditional support for the activity, and now wants a framework on a federal level so that sports betting may be carried out. The endorsement of the NBA is quite uplifting and it holds a promise that we may see before long appear a thicket of trustworthy and reliable websites. Along with the offshore ones moving in, the heavyweights of sports betting from overseas are very likely to call the United States their new home.

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